Re-purposing an existing property helps manufacturer expand


During the last 15 years, Spider, an airplane parts manufacturer based in Rockford, IL, had experienced high growth and much success. In order to sustain this growth, they knew expansion plans were needed sooner than later.

Expansion plans lead to re-purposing an existing structure

Years before Spider was ready to break ground, our team worked with them early in the planning stages to explore options for buying an existing property vs. building new. In the end, Spider chose the former option, and we helped them review various buildings as well as municipal financial incentive opportunities before their existing lease was up.

“We approached Cord really early in our planning,” said Tom Diehl, Spider President & CEO. “So early in fact, we hadn’t officially decided whether to build new or purchase an existing property. With their guidance and expertise, we found the best solution to meet our needs.”


Helping a company grow

  • Acquiring more space and higher ceilings were top on Spider’s wish list. Our team helped make sure they received the extra 100,000 sq. feet they needed in their new building.
  • Formerly housing Menards, Spider’s building at the corner of N. 2nd Street and Rt. 173 in Machesney Park, IL, is an excellent example of how re-purposing an existing structure can sometimes be a better option than building new.


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