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Future Proofing the American Dream

In 1981, Norma King launched Ever Ready Pin with two employees operating two punching and grinding machines out of an oversized garage. She may have had modest resources, but what she did have was the belief and determination that she could do better than her competition. Four years later her business had far outgrown the space – it was time for build

A new building, a great partnership and continued growth

Debt-averse and with interest rates at an all-time high, Norma was determined that she would finance Ever Pin’s new space within a cash budget. She turned to us for plan for a new building and after a successful bidding process, we created a new space for Ever Ready to continue to grow. Since then, we’ve handled three major expansions resulting in a growth of more than 44,322 square feet and room for 100 new production machines.

Future proofing the smart way

In the 1990s, Norma had the foresight to purchase three lots surrounding her current shop, allowing her to grow her business in the years to come. Keeping her vision in mind, we advised her to use a building framing system that allowed for easy and less disruptive additions as she grew her operation. Given the three expansions, it was a sound decision.

Undertaking a major expansion is a big investment but Norma didn’t have any reservations when the time was right. Her attitude has been, “You’ve got to grow or be left behind.” For over thirty years, she has relied on Cord for future-proof solutions that fit her budget and for guidance on building regulations. “Cord has allowed me to focus on running my business. They draw up the plans and ensure we are following the proper safety and workplace regulations.”

Top-Notch Service, Top-Notch Work Environment

Punching and grinding is a dirty business. Without a proper shop exhaust system, steel particles and CNC machine oil can visibly pollute the air, drip from the walls and cling to operators’ skin and clothing. Because she had been in shops like that before, Norma was determined since day 1 to offer a clean work environment. “I believe a clean, quality work environment is a key component to recruitment. I’ve seen how bad a shop can be without a good exhaust system. I didn’t want that for my team or for my building. We all deserve clean air.” We ensured that Ever Ready Pin’s production team could breathe easy with a custom exhaust system attached to each CNC station and a massive “Smog-Hog” filtration system in the middle of the shop collects the smoke, mist, and dust.

The American Dream

Ever Ready Pin is a prime example of the American dream – Norma’s entrepreneurial spirit paired with her conservative business sense allowed her to see her dream become a successful reality and leave a legacy for her family. We are proud to partner with Norma and play a role in her success.


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