Rockford Health Systems in Rockford, IL. Three story office


Cord was selected as the design / builder by a developer for this 63,000 square foot three-story building that was to be home for Rockford Health Systems. The building was constructed utilizing a structural beam and column framing system with a joist and deck roof system.

The wall system is comprised of precast concrete architectural panels with a banded glass ribbon around the perimeter to allow for maximum natural light into the offices.The floor plan design is comprised of a central core accommodating elevators and washrooms that minimizes the square footage allocated to common area thus maximizing the total amount of rentable square footage.

Prior to beginning the project, Cord assisted the developer in evaluating the site development costs of several locations before a final site selection was made. Once a site was selected Cord and their project architect explored for the owner multiple exterior designs and differing exterior finishes from both esthetical and cost effective perspectives.

The last major decision impacting the quality of the internal environmental, initial cost and long term owner costs was, "what HVAC system" should be incorporated? In the final analysis it was decided to install a VAV system with a hot water loop and re-heat boxes. Cord then worked closely with the Owner/Developer to meet Rockford Health Systems interior logistical requirements as well as their fast-track needs.


Key Info

3401 N. Perryville Rd.
Rockford, IL 61114

62,900 SF
Design / Builder
  • Precast concrete architectural panels


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