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When J. Walter Becker started IDEAL Industries, Inc. in 1916, he based his family business on an unshakeable belief in ideal relationships, with his employees, his community, and of course his customers. More than one hundred years later, IDEAL INDUSTRIES, INC. is now a growing multi-national corporation creating some of the world’s most innovative technology while remaining a family business at heart. That is why when the need arose to improve efficiencies and employee amenities at their electrical manufacturing facilities in DeKalb, IL, IDEAL saw an opportunity to improve their legacy for future generations and to improve the work environment and work load for employees.

Having successfully worked with Cord Construction in the past on a 109,000 square-foot warehouse and distribution facility, IDEAL Industries chose Cord for construction of their plans for a new 208,770 square-foot manufacturing and office building. The plans called for the combination of 3 interworking facilities into one centralized location on IDEAL’s campus in Sycamore, IL. The new building would streamline IDEAL’s productivity and improve general efficiencies by incorporating a 24,810 square-foot office space with a 183,960 square-foot shop complete with 2 overhead bridge cranes. To provide IDEAL with greater risk avoidance, construction plans also included upgraded employee amenities such as open-air markets, a gym and year-round temperature control.

In the spring of 2015, Cord and IDEAL broke ground on the new facility and were immediately faced with an unavoidable challenge–the weather. Ongoing heavy rains had created significant soil issues that posed a threat to the project’s budget and timeline. Cord was quick to think outside of the box to come up with cost effective solutions for soil remediation that saved IDEAL’s bottom line. In addition, Cord meticulously sequenced out the construction phases around the remediation allowing the project to continue to progress and remain on schedule.

From managing IDEAL’s independent contractors to continually providing multiple creative solutions to plan changes, Cord took care of all aspects of the build from start to finish. Throughout the entire construction process, Cord maintained daily contact with stakeholders and provided IDEAL with weekly progress meetings to ensure a smooth construction process with uninterrupted service to IDEAL’s customers. As a result of another successful partnership with Cord, IDEAL’s new facility allows them to continue their growth and innovation while staying true to the family business at heart that is committed to their employees, the community and their customers.


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